However, from time to time, users have to deal with various problems that impact their day-to-day trading because of some technical issues.

And if we talk about some recent cases then the users have complained about the MetaMask unable to load balance issue. And this is a severe problem for the traders. To help you resolve this issue we are presenting you with this guide.

Steps for Fixing the Error

Here, we have listed some mind-blowing fixes that can undoubtedly help you address the MetaMask unable to load balance problem. But you will have to make sure that you have applied each fix in a sequential manner until you find the best solution for your device that resolved the error. Let us now check out some of the fixes in the guide below:

Method 1 - Verify your account

When you first log in, you must be sure that you are using your primary account and not the secondary account. It is possible that you had logged in to a different account. And this is the reason why your prior account balance is not visible.

Therefore, you will need to double-check that you have provided the correct information before you try to see whether the balance displayed is right or not. 

Method 2 - Delete Cache Data

Even though you have entered the correct login credentials, you might still not view the right wallet balance. So, in this case, we would suggest you try emptying the cache of your MetaMask application or the browser (if you are using MetaMask via Web Browser).   

Method 3 - Try to restart the application

If the problem persists after clearing the cache, it is likely that random bug files are causing the program to malfunction and causing the problem you are experiencing. We thus advise you to restart your MetaMask software and check again to see if your wallet balance is updated.

Additional Fixes

Below are a few more remedies that could help you out in the situation of MetaMask unable to load balance.    

Fix 1 - Restart the Device

Have you tried the above-mentioned remedies, but did not get the desired results? Try restarting the computer or the device on which you are using the MetaMask. This will help clean up the RAM in your system and put it in good working condition. So try restarting your device and see if the problem still exists.   

Fix 2 - Check if your Internet connection is working or not

The likelihood is that you are experiencing this problem because your internet is malfunctioning. As a result, you must check and confirm whether or not your mobile data or Wi-Fi is functioning properly.

Fix 3 - Try to access the wallet again

If the given techniques don't work for you, there's a very good chance that your MetaMask account is experiencing a problem that is preventing it from displaying your wallet balance. So, in order to solve it, you must first step out of the MetaMask app and then get back in using your wallet keys.

Summing it up

There must be some other reason behind MetaMask unable to load balance error if none of the given techniques works. However, some users have previously mentioned that after getting back into their MetaMask accounts, their Wallet balance was accurately displayed. We advise you to give it a try and if nothing happens then you should contact the customer service team of MetaMask.