If you are looking for a platform that can help you to unleash the potential of the decentralized economy, there is nothing could be better than MetaMask. This platform is designed to let users access the DeFi and NFT world under one platform. 

However, MetaMask is renowned as a crypto wallet that serves as a browser extension, nonetheless, this platform also provides multiple facilities such as it offers a friendly environment for developers by connecting them to dApps as well as serving as a one-stop solution for traders.

In this wallet, users are allowed to create more than one account associated with a single secret recovery phrase. Along with this, users are allowed to import the accounts which are not associated with your wallet’s secret recovery phase.

Well! If you are getting confused and want to get to know about the account importing process in MetaMask Mozilla in detail, this read can help you thoroughly. Whether you wish to import an account associated with your wallet's recovery phrase, or which is not associated, you can go through this read and learn the intact method to head along your way.

Import an account in MetaMask Mozilla using the private key

The first and foremost thing you need to take heed of is, in this section, we are taking the process of importing the account which is not associated with your wallet’s secret recovery phrase. Have a glance at the further steps to accomplish it seamlessly on your device.

  1. First of all, open the MetaMask Mozilla extension and unlock it using the password (if locked).
  2. Now, move forward by tapping on the icon indicating the Accounts.
  3. Hereby, you’ll see the text “Import Account” in the prompted list.
  4. Hit on it and it will land you on the import page further.
  5. Thenceforth, provide the private key of the account you want to import in the designated field.
  6. Make sure you have inputted it correctly and proceed by tapping on “Import”.

This is all, your account is successfully added to your MetaMask Mozilla extension, now, you can see the account in the prompted list by tapping on the Accounts icon.

Remarkable Note: You can also import your account using the JSON file as well. To do this, when you are redirected to the import page after taping on the “Import Wallet”, choose the “JSON file” in the “Select Type” section. And afterward, by following the on-screen instructions for importing the MetaMask account, you can finalize the process easily.

The Bottom Line!

MetaMask Wallet is a platform that facilitates the users in numerous ways as it provides the facility to buy, send, stake, bridge, and swap the crypto assets as well as allows users to explore the decentralized realm and NFT market as well. 

By going through this read, you can learn the process of importing an account that is not associated with the wallets’ seed phrase on the MetaMask Mozilla Firefox plugin. In case, you have lost the accounts which are associated with your wallet’s seed phrase, you need to recover your wallet with the help of the recovery phrase. This may help you in recovering the temporary loss of any account that you have created on your MetaMask Wallet.