In Lost Ark, Caspiel is the solitary Field Boss of the Tortoyk Region wherein the Mokoko People live. It's a enormous Stone Guardian who has Lost Ark Gold awoken in response to the onslaught of pirates attacking the island within the Main Story Quest.

Awakened in a rage, Caspiel assaults some thing in sight, consisting of any of Lost Ark's gamers who manifest to wander via. Now players are going to want to hunt down Caspiel for a variety of exclusive development rewards. In order to do so, though, they'll have to locate him first.

Caspiel spawns within the Skyreach Steppe map on Tortoyk, but would not have an icon on the Expanded and Mini-Maps unlike other Field Bosses (such as Chaotic Chuo in Anikka). This is due to the fact Caspiel is one of the minority of Field Bosses which have 1/2-hour respawns. Once they're killed with the aid of a celebration of players, these bosses might not respawn in that particular Channel till approximately 30 minutes later. Players can confirm this with the aid of because Field Bosses like Caspiel or others inclusive of Rovlen don't have Buy Lost Ark Gold areas on Procylons Compass for the Field Boss tab. It is unknown whether extra of this form of Field Bosses might be brought within the South Vern vicinity coming in the April replace.