(Aside The following is the RuneScape gold battle Elvarg defeated. Not that I was very interested in Runescape, so the Dragon Slayer quest could have been completed earlier than I did. Attack 41, Strength 55, Defense 45, prayer 43. Two strength potions (holy symbol) 26 lobsters; rune longsword full-rune helm, rane body, rune platelegs normal shoes; safety gauntlets; shield against dragonfire.

Sal's website recommended that I carry armor and supplies like the ones Sal suggested. I'd recommend the same armor/supplies for anyone who is trying to beat Elvarg (with the exception of an amulet of strength to replace the holy symbol, and a rune scimitar (in place of the longsword rune).

Elvarg was defeated by this guy! He never stopped praying. (Aside. Elvarg was a tough opponent to defeat. The weird thing is, for all the higher att/str/def/prayer/armor I had, it seemed like he had an easier battle against Elvarg than I did. Although I don't know the reason, I think that it was due to the fact that he faced the dragonfire himself. It was much more easy than what I had to do. Kudos to the guy.

Maybe Dragon Slayer's requirements aren't as high-level as I thought. What level of att/str/def/prayer did use to defeat Elvarg? I didn't wear any armor when I was fishing at Musa Point. I had to go to the bank in order to purchase some armor for the man who was heading toward the volcano. Therefore, I walked around without armor. As I got to the trapdoor, I ran toward Elvarg's lair. However, a Lesser Demon spotted me and was determined to take on.

I passed it, but it re-entered me. While I was watching Elvarg fight I had auto-retaliate switched on. As I watched Elvarg fight, I kept an eye out for the world around me. I was able to defeat the Lesser Demon with kicking. Although the Elvarg fight wasn't finished, a Skeleton was determined to fight me and I defeated it using auto-retaliatory kicking. I hadn't before attempted to take on an opponent like a Lesser Demon by kicking - it was an enjoyable experience.

Just wanted to vent. I was given an Slayer task by Turoth and was given two clues. The first clue had eight stops. There were 2 Wildy clues and the really irritating emote hint that you have to remove all equipment from the area where vampires and leeches continuously attack. Then you're attacked by a second agent. I received 2 runes, C-bows as well as 41 Nature runes. 14 firelighters in purple.

The third... grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. These clues that were maps were not very difficult. Third clue: coordinates from the Demonic Ruins and Zamorak Mage Attack, where I was attacked by a Revenant, and cheap OSRS gold barely managed to escape. Fourth clue: talk to the monk at Duel Arena. He gave me a puzzle box.