Adding or improving the functionality of the existing mechanism is something that almost every platform aims for. And, when it comes to trade, then the bodies existing and regulating trade activities are very much conscious of this factor. Thus, as a result of this thought, MetaMask has evolved a new concept of Snaps, which is still unclear to many of us.

MetaMask Snaps is a new concept that has grabbed the attention of almost every investor. The concept of Snaps is based on some essential components that one should know if he is aiming to develop a Snap. 

In this read, we have covered the essential components of Snaps. Have a look at them.

Quick highlight of MetaMask Snaps

A JavaScript program that is run in an isolated environment to customize the wallet experience is called “Snaps”. They have access to a few sets of capabilities that are determined based on the permission granted by the users during the installation phase of the Snaps. The core objectives of Snaps are to improve the existing functionalities, provide support to different blockchains, and add new API methods to MetaMask. Alternatively, MetaMask functionality can be extended by creating new web3 and user experiences in a secure manner.

The highlighted features of Snaps are:

  • Provides direct notifications
  • Provides transactions highlights
  • Reflects Custom UI
  • Provides services relating to the storage and management of user device
  • Helps in scheduling periodic actions for the users
  • Aids in placing API calls

About to develop a MetaMask Snaps??

If you are stepping ahead to develop Snaps, then there are a few concepts that you should have a clear understanding of. However, the concept of Snaps is new to almost every crypto investor, thus, we are enlisting a couple of the aspects that you should know.

The Anatomy of Snaps: This comprises an examination of the major components that frame snaps, and they are:

  • The source code
  • Manifest file
  • The configuration file, and
  • Bundle file

Snaps Lifecycle: Snaps do follow a lifecycle. If the wallet at any time detects that a particular Snap is not working in an expected manner or is unresponsive, then within no time it takes action to shut down that Snap. Now, what circumstances lead to evaluating if a Snap is unresponsive? This is what you are stuck in currently.

There are broadly two conditions:

  • If JSON-RPC request is not received for around 30 seconds
  • If the processing of JSON-RPC requests involved more than 60 seconds 

The user interface of Snaps: An ideal user interface refers to one that holds the capability of expressing itself to the users. Users can even check the highlighted steps that they need for the installation of the Snaps on the settings page. They can further follow the listed steps in a sequential manner to complete the successful installation of the Snaps. 

The execution environment of Snaps: The environment under which you are performing the activities holds a significant place. The Snaps are executed in a secure environment. Special attention is paid to monitoring that snaps won’t leave an impact on the running nodes. 

Final Thoughts

Overall, from the covered information, you can get an idea that MetaMask Snaps are designed to improve the existing functionality of the wallet, making it more simple and convenient for the users. However, being a new concept, if you face any hurdle in understanding this concept then you can unhesitatingly interact with the Snaps team. You can even check out the “Support” page of MetaMask.