Diablo 4 has been online for some time, the first thing Diablo 4 Gold players do after entering the game is to quickly ascend to level 30 to unlock the mount, and the level is high can also unlock other difficulties, then Diablo 4 how to fast leveling? The following will bring you a Diablo 4 fast leveling guide.

The monsters in Diablo 4 have a base experience, and this experience will increase with the level of the monsters. And when we kill monsters, in addition to the difficulty of the group and other experience-added factors, there is a key point is the level difference, the higher the monster level than the role we get more experience, according to the LOLGA website professional players test, almost the monster level than our 5-10 level gain maximum.

See here, you should also understand before the net rumors of the so-called 24-hour brush dead deep pit to 100 level is pure bullshit, because with this method we will have been in the late level or even higher than the level of the monster than the combat state, this case experience compared to the level of the cross is less pathetic.

There is also a unique mechanism in the late game, we call it [elite multiplication], specifically the number of elites will increase with the difficulty, the same map in elite difficulty 1, 2 may only have 1, but the difficulty 2 is 2-3, difficulty 4 is 3-4, so that we brush other dungeons in the late gains are also much higher than the deep pit of the dead.

The elite in the pit of the dead is brought by the map mechanism, will not be raised with the difficulty, so the late pit and mine is the least efficient figure...

The most efficient leveling in the early stages is the more difficult to fight monsters, difficulty 3 monsters minimum 50 level difficulty 4 monsters minimum 70 level, we can enter the next difficulty in advance by reasonable fitting, so that whatever you do can get the full value of experience bonus.

In the later stages we level up, we can only upgrade efficiently by speed brushing the nightmare dungeons that are 5-10 levels higher than the character.

Leveling up process

The most efficient leveling advice team, team situation we can reset the copy by the captain left the team way to improve the efficiency of the brush, team situation we can also split the brush to get low security power, equivalent to 4 people can play 4 low security copies at a time, maximize the efficiency of power acquisition.

World Tier 1 and 2

1. The plot is the main, leveling as a supplement, unless you really can not beat the stroy or do not play other modes. If you are a barbarian, you can brush after level 10 for a while deep pit of the dead.

2. The early difficulty is recommended to choose one, difficulty 2 20% experience gain only to kill the monster, do the right task experience is not prompted.

The first stage of the card or need to practice brush equipment can come to the deep pit of the dead, difficulty 1, 2 when it is still a very high-quality copy of the game. We just need to kill all the malicious elite and then return to the door of the copy, after a small retreat to reset the copy.

3. Level 30 is a more critical node, according to players, level 30 can unlock the mounting task, this time we have to give priority to get the mount, with the horse after we can freely explore the asylum land.

4. After getting the horse is recommended to go first to find their own occupation of low-security effects.

5. If you want to level up, the branch task is recommended to be done after 7-80 levels, otherwise, you can do it in the mainline process by hand.

6. After the formation of the low security if you fight monsters completely crushed, you can pass the plot and the Holy Light Cathedral into difficulty 3 as early as possible.

World Tier 3 and 4

1. After entering difficulty 3 we will unlock the whispering ancient tree system and the hellish tide system, these two mechanisms in the previous post. After that we give priority to the task of playing the whispering tree, the reward try to choose a weapon, the reward of the box, and the difficulty of the link, so we can get difficulty 3 under the sacred quality equipment and the early weapon to improve a lot.

2. After the weapon can also brush the bounty to get other equipment, with the basic equipment, we can consider brushing the nightmare dungeon. Nightmare dungeon monster level is the key level + 54, can enter the difficulty 3, then we can pass the very low level of the nightmare dungeon, so you can get and upgrade the sculpture, if you can play through the priority dungeon upgrade sculpture.

After that is to repeat the above content, lack of equipment, low security on the brush bounty, and then can play the dungeon on the brush dungeon upgrade sculpture, damage up into difficulty 4, difficulty 4 is also this content.

3. Difficulty 3 kill monster experience gain is 100%, and difficulty 4 is 200%, so the sooner you can enter the difficult 4 should be early.

I hope this guide will help you level up quickly and enjoy the game!

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