To auto save snapchat photos on android and ios devices, follow these steps. Please note that for Android users, the process requires a rooted device and the Xposed installer.


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For Android:


Root your Android device, as the Xposed framework can only be installed through this method.


Once your Android smartphone is rooted, you can proceed to install the Xposed framework and its components. Follow our comprehensive Guide to Install Xposed Installer On Android to set everything up.


After successfully installing the Xposed framework, you can utilize an Xposed module designed for automatically downloading Snapchat photos as soon as you capture them.


For iOS:


For iOS users, no rooting or Xposed framework is necessary to automatically save Snapchat photos. Instead, you can try alternative methods such as using specific third-party apps or tweaks (depending on the current iOS version and jailbreak availability).


Remember to stay informed and check for the latest updates on Snapchat photo-saving methods for iOS devices.