Manual Printing Machine quotation Product Introduction BESTJET D175 Barcode Manual Inkjet Printer can print production date, serial number, batch number, QR code, trademark, and other information on the product. It can clearly print characters with various effects and has excellent printing effects on different materials. It has strong compatibility and can meet various printing options. At the same time, the product is made of high-quality alloy and other materials, so it has high strength, is not easy to deform, and has a longer service life. Stable performance can ensure the fluidity of printing and clarity of barcode printing. In addition, the ink will not fade even after a long time because of its good coloration and durability. Features 1. Barcode Manual Inkjet Printer is easy to operate, can greatly improve your work efficiency and save your time, and is a product favored by professional manufacturers. 2. The aluminum alloy body and printing head are light in weight, high in strength, and strong in corrosion resistance. The print head can be arbitrarily combined to meet the different height requirements of customers. 3. The product supports Chinese and English font libraries. If the customer needs it, we can provide fonts in other languages. 4. The large-screen touch system makes its operation more simple and convenient and avoids the trouble of misoperation. Printer data Barcode manual inkjet printer printing capability Printing Speed33M/min Cross direction resolution 100DPI Printing Height1--17.5mm Printing Lines1--8 lines The lines unlimited within Max height 17.5mm Printing Space1mm--5mm, it depend on the printing content & ink type Print ResolutionResolution height is 200DPI; Cross direction resolution 100-400DPI can be adjustment Print DirectionUpward printing, downward printing, side printing(360掳direction printing) Font LibraryStandard font library are Chinese & English, and The Spanish\Portuguese\Arabic font library can be optional Ink cartridge picture Cleaning bottle Printer photos 聽Manual Printing Machine quotation website: