Cooked grilled food is fun, but we surely wail over the loss of that juicy shrimp, pepper kebab, or a delicious piece of asparagus that accidentally falls from the grill grates into BBQ fire. Txyicheng offer high-quality bbq grill bags for you. All thanks to this clutch-style mesh bag, you don’t have to worry about scraping hard on the grilling grate to remove congealed food or the smaller pieces falling through the grilling unit. Using txyicheng BBQ Grill Bag will help you enjoy the BBQ.

Grill Properly, Clean And Neatly

This mesh pouch is designed with advanced non-stick material and is the ultimate solution to prevent food from sticking to the grill. The grill bag design keeps all the food on top, so it can be evenly heated and grilled.

Easy To Clean And Reusable

A small smart bag keeps your food away from all the black charcoal on the pesky grate! Stickers are explosion-proof, reusable food safety bags, dishwasher safe! The barbecue is delicious and environmentally friendly!


Use this mesh bag to grill at your backyard or use it to grill smoked or steamed food! This non-toxic, food-safe bag has high heat resistance. Easy cooking in any situation, your ideal companion!

BBQ Grill Bag from BBQ Mesh Bag Manufacturers txyicheng is the simple but effective way to grill loose or small items all together at the same time, if you wanna know more information or interested in our products, please fell free to contact us by click