We all know how hard a reputed company like Austin SEO Company works to increase the online visibility and ranking of your website. SEO is not a one-time and easy task, SEO experts do a lot of marketing research and make different strategies to increase traffic to your website and get your website ranking high on search engines. Building backlinks are one of a proven strategy. 


Backlinks are web links that link from an external site to your website. Backlinks count as one of the most important components that Google’s search algorithm uses to calculate the SEO rank of a website. At a very high level, the Google algorithm counts backlinks as votes for ranking a website. 


Austin SEO Expert knows the importance of backlinking for developing SEO strategies for their clients and is also aware that only high-quality backlinks will be considered for website rankings. Several factors can improve the quality of backlinks. Some of these are:

  • The external sources that provide the backlinks must be active, current, and real.
  • The content of the external site which is using for backlinks must be relevant, and compatible with your site. 
  • External websites that have a higher page rank than your website. The backlinks from that site have greater weightage in SEO ranking calculations. 
  • If the user of an external site would find the link to your website helpful and worthy, then the backlink is a high-quality one. 
  • Backlinks from authoritative and trusted websites are of high quality. Sites having extensions like .gov, .edu are authoritative sites that are well organized and can be trusted by anyone. High-quality content available on these websites is an excellent medium to get high-quality backlinks.


If you are not sure whether your website’s ranking fell because of poor quality backlinks, or if you have a lack of resources for remedial action, or if you are unaware of the complete concept of backlinks but want to include it in your website SEO, then hiring an SEO expert will be a good investment. Simply search for SEO Company Near Me and hire their services for complete SEO solutions. 

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