This is followed by the "ruinedscape" (or community change). While the community has increased in size and RuneScape gold is now more closely knit, they have not changed. Certain people act as if they are the only mature Runescape players, however I've also seen them label people nerds for a lack of skillcapes.

I'm interested, what's the point of everyone being so desperate? What a waste of time cooking up thousands of raw fish which you probably don't like for a cape. It is not necessary to reach a goal. But, it's okay to enjoy the process and set your own goals. Do not be afraid to experiment with something different, don't rush to master a skill, assist your fellow players and play games in mini-size. Enjoy yourself, that's what is crucial. This was done to see your thoughts on Runescape.

I find the Fist of Guthix rewards, particularly for melee, quite disappointing. Berserker shield seems a bit pathetic for the effort of getting 300 tokens and 35 to recharge every 5-6 hour. 1 more defense in every area than kite. If you have a number (ex. You could get an additional 1 damage per max hit when your strength is in the high numbers of the field you're in (ex. Even with 1 extra damage, that reward is pretty insignificant considering how often it has to be recharged.

Rune gauntlets look nice, but again they're expensive to recharge if you die, and if you pk (which is basically their only purpose in F2P) you're bound to end up dying, which can be an inconvenience.

The range reward for green d’hide coif is not worth the effort because of the frequency it needs to recharged. Because Mage's rewards are so amazing even when they're not charged, it is the only worthwhile class. I think that the charges should either be longer-lasting, or completely removed and just up the original cost. It's not fun to run back and farm additional tokens, and then pay Reggie to OSRS buy gold recharge every 5-6 hours. Are you having feelings?