Getting started with some platform is as easy as having a piece of cake. But, the real problem arises when you do not know how to start using them. A similar situation might arise when you are done setting up your BitGo wallet but then forget what to do next to fund or withdraw from your wallet. Well, in that case, you can find this guide to your rescue because today, we are going to discuss a few important details that you need to take into consideration if you also wish to fund your wallet and then withdraw your funds from it.

Before we start with the steps, I assume that you have already set up your wallet and now you can start to use the features that are incorporated in it. So, here we go with the steps.

Steps to fund your BitGo wallet

  1. As usual, our first step would be to open the wallet file and then sign in with the correct login credentials
  2. Right after this, you can simply select the Fund or Deposit option- whatever you see on your screen
  3. Once you are there, on the deposit screen, you will see your wallet address along with the deposit QR code
  4. Now, switch to an external crypto wallet or the exchange that you’d like to receive funds from
  5. Thereafter, you can initiate a fund transfer from your exchange or wallet and use the wallet address or QR code from the above steps
  6. Make sure that you cross-check the details and specify the apt amount that you wish to transfer
  7. Do not forget to leave some amount to be used as the gas fees for this particular transaction
  8. Wait for the confirmation message to pop up on your screen and you’re good to go

How do you withdraw funds from a BitGo wallet?

After learning how to deposit funds in a BitGo wallet, it is time now to understand the procedure that you need to follow for withdrawing funds from your wallet. Here is what you are supposed to do:

  1. Initially, you need to sign in to your BitGo wallet account
  2. Locate the Withdraw or Send option from the given tabs
  3. Now, enter the details of the withdrawal such as the recipient’s wallet address
  4. Then, you need to specify the amount to be withdrawn
  5. Cross-check all the details because these transactions are irreversible
  6. After doing so, verify and confirm the transaction
  7. Wait for the transaction to process and you’ll be done

Summing up the read:

If you pay a higher gas fee for carrying out a transaction from your BitGo wallet, then your transaction would get processed quickly. However, a delayed transaction does not mean that it won’t get processed. So, you should deal with patience in any such situation. In case the given details did not help you out in your search, then you can refer to the help articles given on its official website.

On the other hand, if you have created multiple accounts on the BitGo wallet, then you need to make sure that the current and chosen wallet has enough funds to initiate the transaction.