Without a good Wavlink Router Setup, you will not get good internet 

speed because signal transmission matters a lot in performance. In spite of this, it is very common, and you would also consider it to be a serious matter. But yes for good and equal transmission of the signals, a range extender placement matters a lot. Wavlink Router setup includes the extender close proximity and the main router. Once you do this, half of your errors will vanish. Now check if everything is stable during the setup of the device. 

The internet speed can be affected by the large distance between both devices. In addition, we start giving you examples are:- the interference caused by electronics and the number of users of the network. Or some other issues that may lead to outdoor placement of the devices. The ways given here could help in contributing to the problem of slow internet speed. If you want to get the best WiFi signals then, put your extender in the central location of your house. Keep in mind to place the extender away from thick walls and obstructions. Although the best position is always to keep your WiFi Extender off the floor, on some above platform. Do not keep it near electronic appliances like- microwaves, cordless phones, and baby monitors.