In the initial years, this wallet was called Bitx in the year 2013 when it was launched. And ever since the introduction of this platform, the platform has expanded its business from Singapore to more than 44 other countries worldwide. And in 2017 Bitx officially changed its name to Luno Wallet. The word Luno means Moon. Even the customer base of Luno is much wider, it has around 7 million users and the platform has raised digital currency of about 13 million dollars. So, if you are a new trader and are looking for a wallet that is perfect for then look no more because you are in the right place. This Luno Wallet is the best choice for every trader.

Though in this blog we are not here to discuss the features and benefits of the platform. Instead, this write-up is for users who are already using this wallet and have some queries related to their transactions after Luno Wallet Login.

What if the transaction is not reflected in the wallet?

This issue has occurred many times with users even with the other crypto wallet users. So, it is wrong to assume that it is a common issue. And if you face this kind of problem after Luno Wallet Login then this section of the blog with utmost attention.

Before you take any other step there are some things that you need to be sure about, and that are:

  • The deposit has been made from a local bank account to your name.
  • From the settings option you have enabled the interbank transfer, and we hope that you know that most of the deposits or transfers take 48 hours minimum excluding any public holidays and weekends.
  • The deposit reference you are using is correct. The deposit reference means details such as the amount of the transaction, the name of the country, etc.
  • And last, there is only one deposit made in the last 24 hours. Because if you have made two deposit transactions consecutively and of the same amount then it would take a little long time to process the transactions.

You have to ensure that all of the above conditions were being followed precisely because the system of Luno Wallet uses automated software technology that processes the transaction and updates the bank transaction for you. So, if by chance after Luno Wallet login, you failed to fulfill any above conditions then you might end up waiting for even a month.

Summing it up

Through our blog, we tried to mention all the reasons for your transaction not reflecting on your wallet balance after the Luno Wallet login. It is completely the responsibility of the user to enter every detail correctly. And if it has been entered correctly then you might have to face some consequences, which you are already if you are on this blog. And if all the conditions were fulfilled but still there was an error in your transaction then contact the support team to avail the precise instructions.