Do you know that MetaMask is compatible with hardware wallets as well? Well, if you are a professional then you must already know of this but if you are a newbie then you might not know about it. So, if you are a hardware wallet user then you can connect your device with theMetaMask Wallet as well and enjoy its benefits. 

And do not worry if you are unsure of how to connect your hardware device with the MetaMask because we are here to assist you. This blog has all the answers that you are looking for. So, let us start the journey.

Reasons for connecting MetaMask Wallet Extension to a Hardware Wallet?

You can connect either your Ledger or Trezor Wallet with MetaMask. And after the connection, the MetaMask will work as an interface for your hardware wallet. You can imagine how great it would be to have the top-notch security of the hardware wallets and the advanced features of the software wallet called MetaMask. But before getting started with the connection steps, you should know the reason for connecting them in the first place. 

  • After the connection you can check the account balance.
  • During the time of executing a transaction you can sign them.
  • Even the messages could be signed as well.
  • Get connected with the dApps that are not supported by the Ledger or Trezor Wallet.
  • Adding custom tokens that cannot be added on the hardware wallets.
  • Also speed up the ETH transactions.

Pre-requisites for the process

Some things are required for completing the connecting process. And those things are written in this segment of the blog. 

  • Ensure that your Ledger or Trezor hardware wallet device is up to date.
  • The MetaMask Wallet is also updated to the latest version.
  • Even your Ethereum App on the Ledger is updated.
  • On the device check if ‘Contract Data’ is enabled or not.
  • The application of Ledger Live is closed.
  • The hardware is connected with the use of a USB cable and not the Bluetooth application.

These are just a few pre-requisites that are required to be fulfilled and if not it might result in an error while connecting and you will have to follow the whole process again. So, it is recommended that you fulfilled all the things stated before moving further with the MetaMask Wallet connection steps. 

Steps to get connected

Now, let us begin with the steps of connecting MetaMask to the hardware wallets:

  1. Unlock your MetaMask Wallet Extension account.
  2. Tap the Avatar icon in the top right corner.
  3. Click the ‘Connect to Hardware Wallet’ button.
  4. Select between Ledger or Trezor wallet.
  5. Then tap ‘Connect’.
  6. Select the MetaMask Account.

After this, your hardware wallet will work and respond like any other MetaMask account would. But the only difference would be that you will have to get your hardware device plugged in for the transaction execution. 

Summing it Up!

The MetaMask has recommended to traders and investors that it would be beneficial for them if they connect their MetaMask Wallet with hardware devices. You already know that your crypto assets are secured in the MetaMask account. But it wouldn’t hurt to get some more security for hardware wallets. Software wallets could be hacked one day but that is not the case with hardware wallets. The only way you will lose your funds is if you lost your hardware wallet somewhere, along with the secret recovery phrase. Other than that there is nothing that could take your wallet funds away from the account.