A successful trade somewhere depends on how well you are managing your crypto funds. Are you organizing them in a correct manner and are investing them in the right place? 

Apart from having the skill of managing the funds, investors should also hold a well-defined trading tool for employing their funds at the right place and in the right manner. Lack of an adequate trading tool won’t let you reap fruitful results. Out of all the existing crypto wallets,Xdefi Wallet facilitates investors with comprehensive trading solutions and techniques that are effective in securing handsome profits. 

So, are you familiar with what actions are required in managing the assets through this wallet?

Well, the process of managing assets or adding them gets slightly differ depending on what wallet you are using. Thus, to let you know what activities you will be required for managing the assets stored in this wallet, we are going to mention all the highlighted steps in this read.

Let’s start exploring the read. 

Xdefi – a multi-chain wallet

Xdefi Wallet is currently running on the web with the help of supported browser extensions. Investors can install Xdefi from its official website. However, to be noted, that the wallet app is under development process for both Android & iOS mobile devices, and is expected to get released by this year (2023). In brief, this wallet acts as a storehouse for all crypto trade activities. Users can expand their trade and increase their profits by getting connected to several dApps supported by this wallet. 

Complete series of actions to manage assets in the Xdefi Wallet

Managing crypto assets through your wallet is one of the most complicated tasks to do. The process is a bit tricky and asks for complete information relating to what action you need to take next. If you are well familiar with the complete process, then only, you can perform well in this world of investment.

And, to ensure that you succeed in conquering this world, we are here listing the complete course of action:

  1. Open the installed Xdefi web browser extension first
  2. Now, to check the complete list of the supported assets, click on the drop-down menu of your selected asset group
  3. To check different options relating to the asset group that you selected, click on “…”. By doing so, the following options will get displayed:
  • View on Explorer: To view wallet address and tokens
  • Pin to Top (to pin the complete asset group)
  • Remove token
  • Copy chain address
  1. If you are eager to add an asset, then go through the complete list of assets visible on the home screen and select one of the available tabs/methods:
  • Top: To select a specific chain or to use a search tool for entering a token symbol
  • Custom: To select a specific chain and for mentioning the smart contract address, symbols, and decimal of precision of the token
  • Owned: for displaying all chains or a specific chain. In addition to this, it is also used for displaying the assets you own
  1. Perform on-screen instructions then complete the process   

Final Words

Xdefi Wallet allows investors to connect with multiple chains including EVM chains, and Cosmos chains. They can even import their existing wallet and can start performing crypto trade. You can even secure your valuable funds by taking the support of hardware wallets, say Trezor and Ledger. To gather more information about this wallet or to have an overview of it, refer to its official website.