Buying and selling are the two primary processes on which the complete trade is dependent. Alternatively, these processes can be referred to as the cornerstones of the crypto trade. Thus, we are here going to shed light on the “Purchase” process of crypto assets using the Ledger Live wallet. We will be opting for PayPal to buy digital assets. 

But before that, we will have a cursory check of the Ledger Live app -  what is it and what are its attractive attributes that this app holds or you can enjoy through it?

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Ledger Live: Bringing web3 world to your doorstep

Ledger Live Wallet is a software application launched to support the trade activities that are to be performed through Ledger. Users can opt for any of the Ledger models launched to date, and can then be paired with the Live app to get quick access to your wallet data and funds. Through this software app, you can perform ample trade activities from tracking the crypto assets to building your own portfolio. Further, the app is made available on mobile devices (Android and iOS) and desktops as well. 

Salient Traits 

  • Provides access to your favorite dApps
  • Provides a secure room for your NFTs
  • Helps users to manage their crypto assets in a secure manner
  • Allows users to swap over 100 assets
  • Encourages users by way of providing rewards and letting them grow their funds
  • Early detection and prevention from cyber attacks

What assets you can buy using PayPal?

Not all crypto assets you can buy by adopting this method, rather there are only a few digital assets that you can purchase through it. Currently, users can buy the following crypto assets with the Ledger Live using PayPal:

  • BTC
  • ETH
  • LTC, and
  • BCH

The steps that you need to take to purchase the crypto assets through the Live desktop and mobile app are:

Through Desktop app

  1. Open the installed Live app on your desktop device
  2. Navigate to the left sidebar menu to initiate the trade activities 
  3. From the menu, tap on “Buy/Sell”> “Buy”
  4. In the provided space mention the amount you want to buy and confirm the same
  5. Next, select “PayPal”
  6. Get into your account with PayPal
  7. From the listed payment methods, select the one and re-check the transaction details before confirming it
  8. Tap on ‘Buy and Send Now”

Through Mobile app

In case you prefer to perform trade tasks through the Ledger Live wallet mobile app, then the steps to be followed will remain the same. 

Notable Information

Further, there is general information that is of great significance:

If a user already has an eligible PayPal account, in that case, he can proceed more quickly. On the other hand, if he doesn’t have it then he needs to first undergo the ID verification process. 

NOTE: The option to buy crypto assets through PayPal is available only in the U.S. in compliance with state law.

Final Lines

In a nutshell, this precise read was created to let users understand and learn the complete process of buying digital assets through Ledger Live wallet using PayPal. You can even visit the “Support” section of the wallet to get the intact details relating to this process or any other query that you come across while operating this software app. Further, it is always advised to keep sensitive information relating to the crypto trade to prevent your funds or wallet from becoming the prey of suspicious activities