In ISO 14001 Certification in Oman even though it is not compulsory, many companies that are making use of the ISO 14001:2015 standard to generate their Environmental Management System (EMS) will be considering having the system certified through a certification body audit. As we have specified in detail in this article the list of ISO 14001 implementation steps, the certification audit that occurs only after you have finished your entire implementation. As far as understanding the certification process can make the job of much easier, in this article we will look after on how the ISO 14001 certification process works and which steps you need to take.


What is certification, and what are the requirements?

Once your EMS is implemented, certification needs that you will need a certification body to send auditors to analyse your processes and control that the processes encounter the requirements of the ISO 14001 standard. After they authenticate that your company’s EMS encounters the requirements, they will issue a certificate stating so – this is certification.


Unless and until you are a company that only wants a certificate to display on the wall (which is not recommended), without obtaining any real advantages and benefits from your certification, then finding the perfect certification body will be a major part of making sure that your EMS provides real developments and benefits for your organization. There are three key steps for your successful ISO 14001 certification process.


In ISO 14001 Consultant in Philippines Choosing the certification body. With this significance that the certification auditors will have in evaluating your EMS, selecting the perfect certification body can mean the distinction between having auditors who are well informed in your industry, and those who are not. It is important to look at the record of other companies that are also certified by this certification body; this list should be always available. The best-experienced auditors can really assist you in sorting out the issues and improvements that will make your EMS honestly helpful to you.

The certification body requests some of the requirements before they start audit your management system. You will need to make use of the EMS process for a definite length of time in order to collect records). During this period of time, you will be required to also perform a full set of internal audits and at least one management review. If you find the perfect certification body, their employees can assist you on what is required during this process so that the certification audit can be easier and more successful. Adding on this, the certification body should assist you on what is anticipated as the outputs of the management review and the internal audit. They are not able to consult on how to implement, but they can give you pleasant tips on your crown what they would expect to see for an organization similar to your own, in your industry.



Stage 1 certification audit. In ISO 14001 Services in Qatar This is often known as a documentation audit, and during this audit, the certification auditors will evaluate all the documentation that you have created. This is check is to make sure your documentation encounters the requirements of ISO 14001. They will issue a report at the finishing stage of this audit which will identify any objection in the documentation such as instability between documents which could be a huge problem, missing required documents or records, and other points where the documentation does not meet the requirements of ISO 14001. With the correct certification platform, you can use this audit to also get some helpful ideas on best practices for improvements and documentation.


Stage 2 certification audit. Here the certification auditors will make sure they will audit all of your EMS processes. This will make sure that the business that is actually occurring in your organization meets the requirements of the ISO 14001 standard, as well as the needs you have defined within your management system. This audit activity will look at each and every process, determine what the planned arrangements are for that process, and then assess what is actually happening in the process. To do this they will interview employees, analyse the activities and examine records and documentation to collect data.


Once the auditors have confirmed that everything is occurring as per the plan and meeting all the requirements of ISO 14001, or any violation that they identified has had corrective action taken, they will provide a certification defining that your EMS meets the requirements of ISO 14001. When using this certificate, the point of certification body can affect how well this news is received by interested parties. If you have selected a reputable certification body that is affiliated with your area, your certification will be widely received.


It is important to make a note that the initial certification is only the origination. The certification process will continue, at least yearly, to make sure that the EMS is improving and maintained over time. This cycle (typically over three years) will be comprised of surveillance audits and full re-certification audits where they will repeat the audit of the entire management system. This cycle is replicate continuously, making EMS certification an ongoing effort to help make your EMS processes better.


How to Apply for ISO 14001 Certification in Oman?

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