High Gantry Needle Detector suppliers Our Factory Dongguan Aoshi metal detection equipment Co., Ltd. is a supplier of detection equipment for conveying needle detector series, food metal detector series, simple needle detector series and handheld metal detector series. It mainly provides customers with professional pre-sales and after-sales services of various instruments. We adhere to the principle of "quality-oriented and service-oriented", and provide customers with continuous and perfect service is our business philosophy, so that each customer can enjoy professional guidance, precision instruments and fast after-sales, so that each cooperative customer can be fully satisfied. Since its establishment, the company has always been customer-oriented, respected talents, continuously improved its own strength and level, and improved its service level and quality. We give full play to the cooperation ability of the team, pursue sustainable management and create high-quality products. The company will strive to provide customers with more satisfactory products and services. We firmly believe that excellent service quality and good customer relationship are the foundation for the survival and development of the company. Our cooperation with customers does not lie in short-term interests, but in quality to win common progress! Sincerely look forward to working with you hand in hand to create the future! Our main businesses include:1. Needle detector, metal detector, automatic weighing machine, online weighing machine, cloth inspection machine. 2. X-ray machine, portable X-ray fluoroscope. 3. Security door and logistics security machine. Product ApplicationIt mainly sells conveying needle detector series, food metal detector series, portable X-ray fluoroscope, security inspection series, simple needle detector series, handheld metal detector series and testing equipment suppliers. It mainly provides customers with professional pre-sales and after-sales services of various instruments. Our service1銆?Pre sales service 1. Send a specialist to introduce the general situation of equipment use to users, introduce the product characteristics and general situation of our factory, and provide decision-making for users to choose products with high quality and low price. 2. Technical proposal: send special technical personnel and business personnel for docking technical and business exchanges, and organize your personnel to visit the factory for guidance. Even if our products are not selected due to other factors, our factory is willing to provide technical consultation for your company on this project, so that your company can purchase products with advanced technology, reasonable price and reliable performance. 2銆?On sale service 1. In the technical design, our factory optimizes the design, keeps improving, maintains close cooperation with your company, ensures the smooth development of the design work, actively listens to the requirements of on-site operators and improves the design. If your company has special needs, our factory will try our best to meet the requirements and try our best to coordinate the cooperative relationship with all parties. 2. Select international and domestic first-class raw materials and accessories manufacturers, which not only meet the performance requirements, but also facilitate future maintenance and accessories supply. 3. In the manufacturing process, we fully cooperate in arranging various stages of work such as drawing review, product manufacturing, inspection and acceptance, so that all work before product shipment can be carried out in an orderly manner. 3銆?After sales service 1. The warranty period of our equipment is 12 months (non-human factors). The starting time of calculation is calculated from the date of completion of installation and commissioning. 2. Deliver the product to the user, guide the installation and commissioning, and ensure the normal and smooth operation of the product. 3. Supply spare parts in time to ensure user satisfaction: (1) Timely reflect user needs; (2) Provide high quality and low price products to ensure on-time delivery; (3) Strictly control product quality; (4) Properly packed to prevent omission and damage.High Gantry Needle Detector suppliers website:http://www.aoshitest.com/