WoW streamer Naguura recently pitched a solution that WoW Classic Gold could help address the toxicity issues plaguing the sport’s Mythic+ dungeons.

Blizzard added Mythic+ dungeons to World of Warcraft a while ago, allowing users to sign up for five-player dungeons that constantly scale in trouble.

Similar to Challenge Mode, the stakes in Mythic+ are nothing quick of surprisingly high due to the fact that players compete towards a timer and face off with enemies that deal heaps of harm.

The problem is that some users too regularly locate themselves in organizations with others who all of sudden leave the game while the going receives tough. Such conduct stays a toxic part of the Mythic+ experience that many desire Blizzard will crack down on.

Popular World of Warcraft streamer Naguura thinks one manner to resolve the “leavers” problem is through requiring folks who queue Mythic+ to choose both “crowning glory” or “beat timer” in LFG (Looking for Guild).

The streamer believes individuals who cross in knowing their partners want to play thru to of completion are less in all likelihood to randomly exit the suit.

In replying to different gamers, Naguura recognizes that the WoW Mythic+ dungeons function in query already exists. However, the streamer’s concept hinges on Blizzard turning it into a “obligatory selection.”

A few humans in the Twitter thread shared answers in their very own, lots of which revolve around the studio imposing penalties for leaving.

“Unless Blizzard implements some type of punishment for leaving… people WOW Classic WotLK Gold will still be leaving, consider me,” argued one man or woman. Someone else delivered to the refrain: “Introducing a depart penalty is the maximum easy and satisfactory answer…”