Psyonix might be eliminating all paid randomised Crates from Rocket League later this year, opting rather for Rocket League Prices a gadget wherein players will recognise what they may be buying in advance of purchase.

Crates have been first added to Rocket League again in 2016. They are offered for completing on line suits and comprise a unmarried random cosmetic object — those include vehicle bodies, rocket boosts, liveries, trails, aim explosions and wheels. However, to get this kind of items, gamers must buy a Key to release the Crate.

Now, Psyonix is ditching this model absolutely. As announced at the Rocket League internet site, Psyonix may be casting off those loot packing containers in favour of a similar device to Fortnite Save the World's X-Ray Llamas.

X-Ray Llamas lets in gamers to look what is in the loot box before shopping — taking into account a more transparent transaction.Psyonix notes there can be no modifications to its Rocket Pass Premium, DLC Cars and Rocket League Item Prices Esports Shop objects as they'll still be offered for direct buy along the new gadget.