ISO 9001 Certification in Qatar when certification bodies have sent an audit team to evaluate an ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System (QMS), the audit team will be controlled by a lead auditor. This important auditor has another additional responsibility upon the other auditors on the team, such as allocate audit tasks and acting as final perception on non-conformances. The part of lead auditor is reproving for the certification audit to be successful.


For an elegant lead auditor can be an exciting development, but there might also many questions about the process you will need to navigate and the obstacles that may be in your path. So, if you want to develop your career in auditing, but do not know if this is the perfect path to move for you, this article we will be discussing about the process to become a lead auditor and provide as much possible information on the lead auditor training course that will be necessary.


Key steps to for the process of an ISO 9001 Lead Auditor

If you are expecting of the process of a lead auditor, there are several steps you will need to go through.

ISO consultant in Nigeria will ensure you a good prior experience. You will want to acquire experience in a job that has authority for understanding processes of the Quality Management System, including the possible ways of performing internal audits of processes. This experience will assist you, as an auditor, to be able to understand different executions of processes. It is analytic that you understand how processes work if you are going to carry out process audits. Process audits will evaluate the entire process, and not just the written documentation of a process.

You should find out a certification body. Once when you meet the above requirements, you can find a certification body that requires a certification auditor; Anyhow, just finding a certification body will not be sufficient. Each certification body will have to go under the process that they need you to complete, such as first observing audits, and then becoming an audit team member, before that you will be eligible to become a lead auditor. You will have obtained an experience as a certification auditor before manage a team, because this is completely different from any kind internal auditing you might have done.


What does ISO 9001 lead auditor look like?

ISO 9001 Services in Philippines Most of the lead auditor process are scheduled for five full days, although some of the process will vary. Generally, the first couple of days of lead auditor process will be completely concentrated on going through each clause and statements of the quality, and describing in depth what is involved in executing the clause and what to look for to make sure that the clause is perfectly and effectively executed.


In the next will be focused on how to audit, including audit preparation, audit planning, beginning a meeting, conducting the audit, backing the audit trail, closing meetings, recording a denial, audit reporting, and follow-up. The second portion of the process will be often including role-playing exercises to give the participants some idea and experience in auditing to see what it feels like, and to identify some potential audit pitfalls. This part of the process is based on ISO 19011, Guidelines for auditing management systems, which this provides us guidance on auditing management systems.


In ISO 19011 includes the principles of managing an audit program, auditing, and conducting management system audits, as well as assisting on the evaluation of the competence of individuals who are interfered in the audit process, including the person who are controlling the audit teams, auditors, and audit programs. The last completion of the day will end with a test to exhibit that the participant has understood the information presented, and will include practical questions like identifying a nonconformance from provided data and writing the corrective action request.


It is important to make a note that even though in the process times may vary from provider to provider, the content will stay very much the same. The lead auditor training needs to make sure that all lead auditors working for all certification bodies have been trained in the same knowledge and skills. For this reason, the lead auditor training must be recognized by an accreditation body that evaluates that the process is done according to ISO standards.


How to Apply for ISO 9001 Certification in Qatar?

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