Successful prediction of the results of football matches involves way more than a clever guess. The right place to start your prediction is by analyzing the previous matches of the teams and considering their statistics. After all, the numbers do not lie! 

Of course, there have been several instances in football history when weaker teams have won against superior opponents. But those are still rare occurrences. In most cases, there is a pattern in the way a team wins or losses, and the stats help you identify that pattern. 

With that being said, here’s outlining how you can predict football results accurately from now on. 

  • Take all the variables into your consideration 

Today football match prediction becomes easier when you think of all the variables that come into play. Think of the kind of data you need to use for predicting the matches. Of course, data related to team performance is the first thing you think of. This data gets you the following information: 

  • Shot location 
  • Goal differential 
  • Shots on target 
  • Shots on goal 
  • Possession 

You'll require this data for ensuring an accurate prediction about the present odds between the opponents. Also, make sure to have enough data about the last ten matches played by the team. The process might be time-consuming, but it’s worth the effort. You will get a clearer picture of the upcoming performance by considering the stats of the previous matches. 

  • Collect data on goal expectancy in a match 

Goal expectancy is simple math. You will get this data from any online betting platform or sports forums. If you want, you can also check out match previews to know about goal expectancy. The professional commentators present during match previews offer all the important details about the possible number of goals in a football match.  

Also, pay attention to the ball possession rate of each team. Data regarding goal expectancy can be collected from different sources to get an idea about the possible number of goals between two teams. 

  • The advantage of playing in the home ground 

As per statistics on online betting platforms, the teams that get the home ground advantage tend to perform better than the visitors. In fact, clubs that play at home have at least +0.74 advantage to score goals. You will find this fact clearly shown if you look at the last five home ground matches of any football club. 

Thus, you can use this data while calculating the football betting odds for any team. Home ground advantage has helped win matches against even stronger opponents. There are many reasons behind this, such as the fans of the home team are more than the visitors, and they are always heavily cheering for their team. 

  • Understand the goal differential between teams 

The goal differential offers one of the most useful data about the match. It also happens to be the most easily available data in any stats category. Now, it’s true that goals are pretty random, and unexpected results are common in football. 

You still need to check the data regarding the possible goal differential before making today's football prediction. If you want to predict with greater accuracy, do not forget to check out the results of the previous matches, as well. 

  • Check the team roaster for the weakest link 

Remember that the strength of a team depends on the weakest link it has. Thus, you need to check the ones playing in the match before placing your bet. Additionally, read up as much about each member as you can.  

Certainly, the best players in the team enhance the team’s chances of winning. There might also be new names on the list, and they can turn the tide anytime. 

  • Shot a goal and the possibilities associated with it 

Going by statistics, you have higher possibilities to achieve it when you try to shoot a goal. Every shot for a goal is different. Thus, you might need to look for data regarding ball possession of the team, along with their goal shots and quantity of shots. The statistics suggest that teams having better ball possession percentages manage better shots. Thus, the teams can also offer better shots in terms of goal statistics. 

  • Look at the location of shots before predicting 

Location of shots is important for making predictions. You would notice that some of the teams tend to make the best shots from particular positions in the field. On the other hand, the opposition also manages the best defense from particular parts of the field. It is important to figure out the possibility of taking shots from varied angles on that field. 

The endnote 

And that’s how you predict the results with maximum accuracy! It is not like following the tips given here will get you exact answers every time, but you can be assured that your chances of being wrong would be much less.