Everyone knows the significance of fantasy league cricket nowadays. It is the most conversed topic all over the world. Fantasy league cricket is where you create your own virtual team based on a set of cricketers and win points depending on their gameplay in an actual match. Knowing a few simple yet crucial tips can help you win the league. So, the more you know about cricket, the easier it is. You just have to get your strategies in line. It is not as hard as you think; pick a few players and wait for your money to double up. 

Here are a few critical tips and strategies to improve your predictions in fantasy league cricket.

Know the Players

Winning is more about strategies and less about luck. It is essential to do extensive research on each player that you are going to pick. Every fantasy league comes with a feature to check out player statistics. Your player must have excellent form and good play in the recent matches. If you select a few players who have played well in the recent matches, you will definitely see a massive improvement in your scores. 

Weather Report and Pitch Report

A significant part of the fantasy league cricket players do not look into this. The pitch and the weather significantly impact a match's outcome. If there is an overcast, you should choose fast bowlers to gain the upper hand. If the pitch is dry, then it's good to pick spinners. When the weather is damp, pick swing bowlers over spinners.

Looking at the pitch report and the weather report can drastically affect your winning chances.

Ground Size

Knowing about how big the ground is is vital too. Considering that the players are to hit the ball out of the boundary if the ground is small, it could be beneficial to top batters in your team. And knowing the ground size will let you decide how many spinners or fast bowlers you should pick in your team, as spinners tend to give away runs if the ground is too small.

Play Only a Few Matches in the Tournament

In a tournament, it is essential to analyze the players before placing all your money on them. So, hold your horses and take a look at the player performances in the beginning and strategize the matches you want to play. The most common mistake seen in fantasy league cricket is players playing all the matches of the tournament. The more matches you play, the more strategies you need to think of. And most players play on "luck" and tend to lose money.

Multiple Teams are the Right Way

In a fantasy cricket league, do not put all your money in one team. Instead, create multiple teams with multiple combinations. Each combination can win you different points. You never know which team will do better when you play multiple matches with different combinations. So, it's not enough to pick the first XI; your combinations are what will up your chances. Also, creating more teams gives you a better chance of getting the best combo.

Minimize Your Risk

Pick batters depending on their position in the team. At the top, most batsmen are the ones who will get to play the most deliveries and hence is the one who will score the most for your team. The same goes for your bowlers. Pick the bowlers who are known to devastate batters in the match, which will minimize your chance of losing money.

Who Should be the Captain and Vice-captain?

It is very crucial to pick the best players out of the batch as your captain and vice-captain. You get two times the points of a regular player for the captain's performance and 1.5 times the points for the vice-captain's performance. On that account, analyzing which cricketer is more likely to score the most runs or which player is more likely to take the most wickets should be chosen for these two positions. If you are unsure of who to pick due to the abundance of good players, create multiple teams and play the tournament. 

Announcements and Match Updates

While the match is going on, the fantasy league cricket player must be aware of current news of cricket made. There may be new changes on the field or regarding the teams. Maybe, the player who was next in the line-up might be dismissed right at the pitch or moved down the list. Pick the batters, and the order is very vital to gain more points.  

The possibility of injuries is very high. Picking players who are injured means heading into the league with one player less. So be aware of the match and team status to gain the most out of each contest.

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