Sandbox Interactive has tacked on additional in-game taxes in Albion Online to help balance the sandbox MMORPG’s economy. Starting today, players will automatically be Buy Albion Online Silver charged Purchase Fees when buying gold using silver in the Gold Market. Fees are calculated as a percentage of the total silver cost and will automatically be added at the moment of purchase.

“The purpose of these fees is to discourage the hoarding of Gold for expected price rises, while consequently increasing the amount of Gold in circulation,” the developers explained. “Importantly, however, these fees will not apply to purchases of Premium for Gold or Silver. This will ultimately have the effect of reducing the cost of buying Premium with Silver, for players who wish to do so.”

“This mechanism means that the price of Premium in Silver should remain more consistent and lower overall, and it will be monitored on an ongoing basis to ensure that it is functioning effectively and efficiently in providing a more satisfactory experience for the community,” they added.

The latest game update also introduces balance adjustments for nearly every weapon in the game as well as several armor types. Controller functionality has also been tweaked to offer a more streamlined experience.

Details can be found in the full patch notes on the Albion Albion Online Gold Online official site.