As every university student knows, writing a research paper first needs the writing of the research paper outline. Accordig to homework helper this is very important because the outline defines the structure, the content, and the flow of your research paper.

After being given your assignment (topic), you need to decide the scope of your topic in relation to the limits of your paper. The difficulty in the research and the actual writing of your paper depends on how broad you will deal with your subject.

All would depend on your outline – the scope, the content, and the structure of the presentation of facts to support your arguments.



Roughly, your research paper should include an introduction, the paper’s main body, and your conclusion. The introduction covers why you are writing the paper. This is your thesis statement.

The body of the paper is the support of your thesis statement. This needs a good number of supporting arguments to act as basis to your position. To strengthen your thesis, you need to include a number of documented proofs or examples.

The conclusion is basically reiterating your thesis statement through a summary of your arguments and why you have come to that particular position. All of these should be in the research paper outline.


Basically, there are two styles in writing the research paper outline. One is the detailed version using full sentences in the headers, in the introduction and in the concluding statements.

The other kind is a simple skeleton outline. This one uses only keywords and key phrases in outlining the contents of the paper. The paper’s contents may be the same but the difference is in the number of words used in the description of the parts.


Compared with other types of writing, a research paper differs in the sense that it must be written in a more organized manner. (The main reason is that a research paper need to be more persuasive than, say, an essay or an article.)

One of the benefits of doing the research paper outline first is the ease of arranging your researched facts later in a more organized manner. You would know where to place these facts in your arguments because the outline had already been arranged accordingly.

Another benefit derived from using the outline is the improved learning process of the writing itself. Where the student writer usually approaches the writing on a sentence-by-sentence manner, the outline can make him focus better on the main topic as a whole.

The advantage is that he would now know where exactly to put in his arguments within the context of the document body. With the research paper outline as the concrete guide, he will not forget what to include and where exactly should it belong.

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