Configure File and Print Services (15-20%)

File and print services are fundamental 70 411 Exam Objectives components of any networked environment. The 70-411 exam assesses your ability to configure these services effectively. This  includes the following subtopics:

Configure Distributed File System (DFS): DFS provides a way to organize and manage shared folders. In this subtopic, you will learn about configuring DFS namespaces, which allow you to provide a unified view of shared folders, and configuring DFS replication for redundancy and data distribution.

Configure File Server Resource Manager (FSRM): FSRM is a tool for managing and controlling access to file resources. This subtopic encompasses configuring quotas to limit storage usage, creating file screens to control file types, and generating reports to monitor file server activity.

Configure print services: This subtopic focuses on configuring printers, managing printer pooling to distribute print jobs efficiently, and setting printer priorities to control the order in which print 70 411 Exam Objectives jobs are processed.


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