Nintendo's Animal Crossing: New Horizons is really a social game devoted to creating a cohesive town loaded with colorful personalities. Players spend their time attempting to design essentially the most interesting and unique town with regards to villagers to reside in. 

There are many social mechanics to Animal Crossing: New Horizons, for example, the ability to Buy Animal Crossing Bells and use reactions to state emotion by having a player's character, together with connecting with friends online to travel to each other's islands. However, romance is usually a mechanic that is sadly missing through the game.

While most slice-of-life simulation games have features that permit players to obtain romantic interactions with NPCs or some other players, Animal Crossing is missing this popular mechanic. Games like Story of Seasons have marriage candidates players can talk with during the course of the storyline. However, Animal Crossing fans definitely won't be waking up next towards the light of this life in New Horizons, losing out on the sweet interactions that can come from in-game romance.

To introduce romance to the game, Animal Crossing would need to add more humans. With a small amount of human NPCs, Animal Crossing fans could romance characters that can be part of the game's narrative. They can also ask the type to move to their expensive house using them, giving the player's character a companion to talk about island life with. Romance options may possibly also give players a whole new list of tasks, as the power to marry a villager might be contingent on accomplishing a particular number of house upgrades and finishing the Able Sisters shop to obtain a proposal item.

With players already able to see each other's islands, it will be interesting to determine Animal Crossing introduces a mechanic where players could marry or date the other, during the multiplayer marriage alternatives for Stardew Valley. This could possibly be achieved with the same proposal mechanic with another player rather than an NPC and letting them interact in romantic ways provided by the NPC romance options.