ISO 22000 Certification in Qatar Inappropriately handled food can bring out serious health problems, illness and even threatening the life of consumers. Thus, it is necessary to decently control the complete production chain. ISO 22000 states that food safety system requirements, from the primary touch with raw materials to the final stages, such as transportation, storage, and packaging.


This standard can be authorized to any company – despite its size of type– that is complicated in the food chain; from primary producers and animal feed producers to food producers, retailers, transport companies, and warehouses.


ISO 22000 combines the principles of the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) system and footsteps developed by Codex Alimentarius – an integrated program between the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the World Health Organization (WHO).


ISO 22000 Main Clauses

Clause 4: Food Safety Management System

This clause states the documentation requirements and general requirements for the food safety management system, including:


ISO 22000 Services in Philippines Make sure that food safety hazards, which are within assumptions, are assessed, identified, and controlled so that the products do not cause any hazard to the consumer;

Have to share applicable information regarding product safety issues all over the food chain;

Keep the record for the food safety policy and the objectives;

Keep the record for the procedures and records required by this International Standard;



Clause 5: Management Responsibility

High-level management requires to show its dedication to the implementation, continuous improvement, and development of the food safety management system, including:


Hold up the company’s business objectives;

Interact the importance of observing with this international standard to the entire company;

Obey regulatory, legal, and customer requirements related to food safety.

Clause 6: Resource Management

The regular management of an effective food safety management system on the use of adequate resources to implement every task.


This includes competent employees with sufficient (and demonstrable) support services, training, communication, and awareness.


ISO 22000 Consultant in Oman This is executed with the approved information. This clause also includes the necessities for tracking, creating, and updating documented information.


Clause 7: Production and Planning of Safe Products

The company is responsible for developing and planning the processes required for producing safe products.


It should ensure, operate and implement the success of the planned activities and document any changes in those activities.


This includes Prerequisite Programs (PRP) or the HACCP plan.


Clause 8: Verification, Validation, and Improvement of the Food Safety Management System.

The company is liable for implementing and planning the processes that are required for validating control measures (and their combinations) and to improve and verify the food safety management system.


The validation process is an examination before the operation, which exhibits that individual control measures (or a combination of measures) are skillful to achieve the desired level of control.


This way, control measures must be authenticated by the company.


By sticking to the standard, companies will be able to:

Operate, implement, plan, update and manage the food safety management system to make sure the provision of products that are safeguarded for consumption;

Exhibit the compliance with regulatory and legal food safety requirements;

Evaluate customer requirements and exhibit compliance with food safety requirements, in order to grow customer satisfaction;

Effectively communicate food safety issues to stakeholders, customers, and suppliers;

Make sure that the company observe the established food safety policy;

Exhibit compliance to appropriate stakeholders;

Seek registration or certification of the Food Safety Management System by an external entity, or manage a self-assessment or provide a self-declaration of compliance with this International Standard


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