What the CE marking meant?

In CE mark Certification in Qatar the CE marking is a primary indicator (but not a proof) that a product obeys with EU legislation and enhances the free development of them within the Union.


The CE marking specifies that the similarity of the product with the Union legislation applying to the product and supplying for CE marking.

The CE marking is attached on products that will be set down on the EEA market, whether they are manufactured in the EEA or in any part of the world.

CE marking does not specify that a result was made in the European Union. The CE marking desires that the resemblance with the requirements put down by the Union harmonization directives in question. Henceforth, it is to be think about as required information to Member States’ authorities as well as other related parties.

Who must affix the CE marking?

The CE marking is attached by the manufacturer (established outside or inside the Union), or by his approved representative demonstrated within the Union.

By attaching the CE Marking the manufacturer proclaimed on his single liabilities that the product obeys to all applicable Union legislative essentials and that the relevant conformity assessment procedures have been successfully furnished.

According to CE mark Consultant in Chennai the manufacturer, whether furnished outside or inside the Union, is the entity eventually liable for the similarity of the product with all of the legal essentials to attain CE marking with the providing of the Union harmonization legislation.


The manufacturer may select an authorized representative in the EU to attach the CE marking on his behalf.


Where the CE Marking be affixed?

The CE marking must be attached to its data plate or product. However, it is not possible or not guaranteed on account of the nature of the product, it must be attached to the packaging, if any, or to the go with the documents.


When the CE marking be affixed?

The CE marking may not be attached until the similarity assessment procedure has been completed to make sure that the product observes with all the provisions of the related Union harmonization acts. This will be generally be at the end of the production phase.


The penalties for non-compliance

CE mark in Nigeria Compliance with the “CE Marking” directives is compulsory. A crime will be constituted if:

The marking is attached to a product that does not follow with the required safety and health requirements.

A product protects by one of the directives giving for the CE marking is put down on the market without marking

A product is CE marked, anyhow it does not make into any “CE Marking” directive.

The EU declaration of conformity is not presented in the case of control.

The nature of the CE marking

It comprises of the initials CE according to a graphic codified and explained in exactly the same way in each directive, communicate to the pictogram at left.


How to Apply for CE Mark Certification in Qatar?

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