The first season of WoW TBC Classic’s PvP arena started only nine weeks ago, but players can’t wait and are ready for the second season. One can imagine how much they are looking forward to the second season. 's arrival So the question is what is coming for the second season that everyone cares about?

When TBC became popular in the mid-2000s, the expanded first arena season lasted approximately 20 weeks. When TBC Classic was announced, the developers expected to follow a similar schedule this season. That is, under normal circumstances, the second season should be released in the third phase of the game content release, about the same time as the raid on the dark temple. But in an interview with WoW PvP anchor Venruki during The Burning Crusade Classic Arena Tournament, Classic's lead producer Holly Longdale said that the second season will be earlier than originally expected. So players don't have to wait for the dark temple but restart the second season in the second stage.

Although the exact date for the release of the second phase has not yet been announced, the PvP system of the game, the raid leader in the Viper Temple cave, and the update of the Storm Fortress are being tested on the PTR. Players who want Classic TBC Gold can get it on MMOSO.

Due to Blizzard’s decision to end the first season early, Langdale said that the team increased the number of arena points players earned during the remaining time of the first season before the second season. In addition, Blizzard will reduce the cost of rewards this season before the second season is released. With this in mind, we can conservatively estimate that the second phase and the second season of the arena may be launched in the next four to six weeks. In other words, we may meet next month, but it is not absolute. We still need to see the specific official notice.

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