selection of slitting lines This product is mainly based on the actual production situation of current market users, set mechanical, electrical control, hydraulic power in one, compact structure, diverse functions, easy operation, stable performance, small footprint, easy installation and maintenance. It is suitable for drawing and rolling of magnetic materials, powder metallurgy, grinding wheels, ceramics and metals. And thermosetting plastics (bakelite), rubber vulcanization, melamine tableware and other products of heating molding process. selection of slitting lines is suitable for stamping, bending, flanging, sheet stretching and other plastic pressing processes. It can also be engaged in calibration, pressing, grinding wheel forming, cold extrusion metal parts forming, powder metallurgy products and other processes.

With the pipe cutting machine, you can enter the next process without grinding burrs, saving working time, reducing noise, and completely avoiding dust pollution.

Problems in the selection of slitting linesR&D design: There are some problems in the bending machine, such as the deformation rate of the bending section does not meet the national standard, the bending Angle compensation is difficult to control, the service life of the chain is insufficient, and the control electric Louis damage. For weak links, finite element analysis is used to optimize the parameters. In short, the development of automatic pipe cutting machine should be more testing, more field testing, and pay attention to details. The ideal result is that the control circuit is easily damaged. On the basis of vibration test, temperature test, function test and life test, the qualified matching components are selected and the parameters are optimized.

Another problem is that the support wheel swings back and forth during the cutting process: the Angle between the steel pipe and the horizontal plane is usually zero. Due to manufacturing errors and various elastic deformation in the bending process, the Angle cannot be the ideal zero degree. When the steel pipe is bent forward or backward, the roller of the bending pipe swings back and forth during the working process. When the bend moves forward, the forward deformation of the support roll will increase, and the Angle will also increase. By improving the stiffness of the support roll and ensuring the lubrication of the roll, the swing can be close to zero.

selection of slitting lines