Advantages and disadvantages of 3d hollow type polyester staple fiber are as follows:

1. Advantages: 3d hollow type polyester staple fiber has high strength and good elasticity, so it is durable, anti-wrinkle effect is very good, no ironing is required, and light resistance is excellent. In addition, 3d hollow type polyester staple fiber has good resistance to various chemical substances, is less damaged by acid and alkali, and is not afraid of mildew or moth.

2. Disadvantages: 3d hollow type polyester staple fiber has poor hygroscopic property, weak water absorption, poor melting resistance, easy to absorb dust; Poor air permeability, not easy to breathe. In addition, the dyeing performance of 3d hollow type polyester staple fiber is not good, and it is troublesome to dye with disperse dyes at high temperature.

3d hollow type polyester staple fiber Main functions:

1. Improve high temperature stability. Due to the three-dimensional distribution of 3d hollow type polyester staple fiber monofilament, it has strong adsorption with asphalt without entangling, and can absorb too much free asphalt, thus increasing the viscosity and cohesion of asphalt. At the same time, due to the crossbar reinforcement and bridge action, the flow performance of asphalt is reduced, the lateral displacement or flow of aggregate is limited, and the high temperature stability is effectively improved, so that the stability of fiber asphalt concrete is greatly improved.

2, improve the low temperature crack resistance, fiber adsorption of asphalt, resulting in the increase of the amount of optimal asphalt in asphalt concrete, higher asphalt content, so that the fiber asphalt mixture still maintains flexibility and high tensile strength at a low temperature of -40℃, effective resistance to shrinkage stress, so that the low temperature crack resistance of the mixture is enhanced. Reduce the generation of thermal shrinkage cracks and prevent the development of reflective cracks.

3d hollow type polyester staple fiber