Choosing a profession in World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Classic can be a bit daunting. There are so many options to choose from, and it isn’t quite clear which would be suited best for your character. This guide will steer you in the right direction for which professions are best for you as you explore Azeroth and Outland.


Number one is leather working leather working has insane with central and TBC, even if they end up nerfing the drums, because the future of drums is very uncertain and nobody really knows exactly what they will do about drums. Let’s forget about trumps, and if they end up being profitable, it is just a bonus. So how do you make gold with leather working? Well, first of all, you have armor cans, many different army kits. In fact, like not hydrogen-rich yet and having a hight army cats, but also cleft hide like garner and Cobra hide leg armor. And then the next is here, which are another cleft, another Cobra leg armor as well.

This will be wanted by people constantly, and we’ll provide the other workers with a steady amount of sales on a daily basis. You also have some bigger crafters, leather workers can prompt several raid best in slot armor pieces that are used by different classes. The actual upgrade of these items depend on how well gear you are from classic. But if you’re a new player, you might want entire sets of these previous items and leather workers should be able to make a lot of guns from these previous items. One cool thing about this is that if you run Dungeons for reputation while leveling, which I’ll talk about in a different video, you can actually get the reputation needed to buy the recipes for these Priebus items while leveling and the faster you can craft and sell these, the more profit you will make. So by leveling fast and doing Dungeons, you can actually make a lot of goals.

You can also track a lot of actual late game best in slot items as one through leather working. But many of these are drops from late later rains such as Sunday. Well, so they’re not really too relevant early on, but I bring it up because it shows that leatherworking will be a great, cool making profession from the start, and it will stay profitable throughout the entire expansion. One last note for leather working is that he can turn, not hide leather into having not hide leather. And the recipe for this is actually a boss from a vendor with limited supply. So you might want to rush to one of these vendors or camp them to actually get the recipe, because it is a limited supply item. You can expect some good returns on these crafts early on. And the earlier you get the recipe, the more profit you will make per craft. Having not had leather is used in pretty much every other working craft. And I’ll even show you a picture of the recipe itself and from which vendors you can obtain them. So you can give you the exact location of the vendors. If you’re interested


Next up. Let’s talk about another profession that has a lot of the same, which is tailoring much like leather working tailors can also craft some Priebus items as well as several high-end Pratt later in the expansion. Tailors can also craft spell a friend purchase, basically the tailoring equivalent of leg armor from leather working and it’s used by healers and casters. So they have some steady gold coming in on a daily basis through spell Fred sales, plus some big boy gold when they sell crafted gear. On top of this, tailors can also utilize a daily cool-down or a four day cooldown craft. As tailors can spell basically craft free types of wear claw NTB scene, spell it, cloth shadow cloth and primal moon plot. These do not share a cool-down. So every four days you can craft a bottom of each additionally at level 68, you can learn tailoring specialization, which lets you specialize in one of these three times, which gives you access to some really good bounded pickup crafter to gear as well as every time that you craft a cloth on cool down, you will craft two, instead of one, meaning if you’re a speller cloth specialist, every four days, you can craft this to spell a cloth and one of the other times, and vice versa, if you specialize in any of the other times, all right, let’s break things up from gear, crafting and talk about alchemy.


The next profession Enchanting is one often paired up with tailoring, you can craft items to level up your tailoring. Enchanting is one of the best professions in the PVP especially the arena, the reason for this is as an enchanter, you're able to enchant your own rings. So to be clear these enchants you can only do on your own rings and not other people's, there is Spellpower granting 12 spell damage on each ring coming from farming rep with the Keepers of Time up to Honored, Healing power which provides you with in total 40 extra plus healing from the Revered, Striking isn't very useful for PVP, the bonus it provides is very minor and not really worth going for stats, on the other hand, is extremely good for all melee, the only downside of this is that it's not going to be in the game for phase one and instead we'll come later with Mount Hyjal, so if you're a caster or healer, it's simple you're going to want enchanting as gaining that extra spell damage or healing provides the biggest upgrade over any profession for you when inside of PVP melee will eventually want to get enchanting, but for strictly speaking for phase one you gain no real benefits.


Alchemy specializes in consumables, so you've got elixirs, mana potions, and even flasks. Alchemy is a great moneymaker especially with its transmutes, but there are a few problems with alchemy for PVP. First of all, potions flask and elixirs are all unusable in rated PVP, so you can't use them inside of the arena, you could gain an edge in battlegrounds, but then all the consumables you can make can just be purchased from the auction house, what you get unique is a selection of Alchemy trinkets, providing a decent boost to either healing, spell damage, attack power or defense as well as a unique mad alchemist potion, these upgraded versions will not be in the game until phase 5. During phase 1 the only real unique benefit to alchemists is the much weaker starting version of the plain alchemist stone. Alchemy can provide you with some decent gold income or starting trinkets in later phases, it's not really going to provide you with any additional benefits at all especially in phase one..

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