Over the last decade, HP has unarguably turned out to be one of the best computer machines across the world. However, recently, many of its users are facing some issues and are being helpless about it. There have been a lot of common issues like the HP laptop won’t turn on, Windows 10 won’t initiate, and BIOS failure. Here, we are going to talk about some issues with your HP machines in detail. Moreover, while it is always recommended to contact HP Support Assistant like the HP Printer Assistant in case you need any technical help for your HP laptop or PC, we are providing some manual methods that you can try out to solve your HP issues yourself.

When your HP laptop won’t turn on?

Sometimes, you may find your HP laptop in a dead state, which means your HP laptop won’t turn on despite several attempts. Although this problem looks dreadful at first, it is, in fact, a trivial and temporary one. It is generally recommended to try a hard-reset of your HP machine if you face this issue. Hard-resetting the computer clears the memory and re-establishes the connection between the BIOS and the hardware. A hard reset is also used when the operating system stops responding or the display of your HP laptop suddenly goes blank.

To hard reset an HP laptop that has a removable battery, you have to first turn it off and unplug it from the charging adapter. Also, you must disconnect all USB and output devices from your laptop. Now, remove the laptop’s battery, and press and hold the Power button for 15 seconds to drain residual electric charge. Thereafter, put the battery back in the laptop and connect the charging adapter again. Now, power on the laptop and run a software update session to check for operating system updates or upgrades. This whole method should successfully work when your HP laptop won’t turn on. If you are using a non-removable battery laptop, you can perform the same steps while skipping the battery removal one.

How to fix HP laptop won’t turn on Windows 10?

While the previous issue is trivial, this one can be a bit troublesome to rectify. Many users have faced the issues of Windows 10 not initiated by HP laptops after upgrading from Windows 8. Well, you will have to first run a hardware test on your HP laptop. To do this:

  1. Power off your HP laptop.
  2. Upon turning it back on, press the Esc key and keep hitting it repeatedly until you see a menu. Press the F2 key when the menu appears.
  3. On the main menu, click Component Tests. This will take you to its sub-menu.
  4. The sub-menu contains a list of all the components of your laptop, like the processor, memory, hard drive, keyboard, network, system board, etc.
  5. You can now start testing the components to find any bug.
  6. If the tests pass but the problem persists, then you may contact HP Chat Support for faster redressal of your HP laptop not turning on Windows 10.

When your HP laptop screen wont turn on

This is the most common issue that HP users face, irrespective of the operating system. This issue is also common to other laptop brands, too. For HP, you can recover the notebook BIOS using a key press combination. Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Turn off your HP laptop. Connect it to a power source using the adapter.
  2. Press and hold the Windows key + B simultaneously while your laptop is off.
  3. While performing the above step, press and hold and Power button for a second.
  4. Now, release all the keys. You will see that the power light remains on, and the screen remains blank for nearly 40 seconds. You might also get beep sounds from the laptop.
  5. Now, the HP BIOS Update screen will appear as the BIOS update initiates.

The above method should resolve the blank screen problem of your HP laptop. However, you can always contact HP Customer Service just like you would dial the HP printer.