The ballpoint pen is commonly used in our daily life. It is very convenient to use, but some things need to be paid attention to during use to ensure its normal use and extend its service life.

Choose the right refill

Ballpoint pen refills come in different thicknesses and colors, and we should choose according to our own needs when choosing. If you need to write thinly, you can choose a 0.5mm or 0.38mm refill; if you need to write thicker, you can choose a 0.7mm or 1.0mm refill. In addition, the color also needs to be paid attention to. Generally speaking, black, blue, and red are the most commonly used colors, but you can also choose other colors according to your own needs.

Keep the refill moist

The refill of a ballpoint pen is composed of ink and small balls. If it is not used for a long time, the ink will dry up and the refill will not work properly. Therefore, when using a ballpoint pen, keep the pen core moist. You can gently shake it a few times before use to allow the ink to be evenly distributed in the pen core. This can ensure the normal use of the pen core.

Avoid excessive force

When using a ballpoint pen, do not use excessive force, otherwise, the pen core may break or the ball may fall off. Generally speaking, the refill of the ballpoint pen is relatively soft, and you can write clearly with just one tap without using excessive force.

Avoid long-term continuous use

Continuous use of a ballpoint pen for a long time will cause the pen core to overheat, affecting the flow of ink and thus affecting the writing quality. Therefore, when using a ballpoint pen, take appropriate rest and avoid long-term continuous use.

Avoid falls and collisions

Ballpoint pens are made of plastic or metal. If they are dropped or collided, the pen body may be deformed or damaged, affecting its service life. Therefore, when using a ballpoint pen, be careful to avoid falling and collisions.

Pay attention when storing

When storing ballpoint pens, be careful to avoid direct sunlight and humid environments to ensure that the pen core does not dry out or deform. Also, be careful to avoid friction with other items to avoid damage.

Replace pen refill promptly

The refill of a ballpoint pen will gradually become sluggish after being used for some time, affecting the writing quality. Therefore, when using a ballpoint pen, the refill should be replaced in time to ensure writing quality.

6. How to choose a ballpoint pen?

When purchasing a ballpoint pen, you need to pay attention to the following points:

Brand: Choose a well-known brand of ballpoint pen to ensure quality and effectiveness.

Refill: Choose refills of different colors and thicknesses according to your needs.

Material: Choose a pen holder made of metal, plastic, wood, etc. according to your preference.

Price: Choose a ballpoint pen at an affordable price, and don’t pursue high-end brands or products that are too cheap.

In general, as a simple and practical writing tool, the ballpoint pen has become an indispensable part of people's daily lives. Its invention and development have changed the way people write, making writing more convenient and smooth. I believe that ballpoint pens will continue to develop in the future and bring more convenience to people's lives.