The wheel of fortune trailer advertises this: Welcome to the land of Providence. The wheel of fortune has chosen that you must become its avatar and save the planet. The wheel of fortune must pull out the shroud, show up in Providence, defeat the champion of the endless tribe, and find the secret to overcoming suffering. You are the champion, the avatar on the wheel of fortune!
In retro RPG style, you can focus on strategy in turn-based combat. Then we provide you with a simple one-click time enhancement upgrade. Don't worry. the items sold in the store can help players survive the crisis, such as Steam Level. So you can use the perfect game player reflection effect and improve the damage caused to your attacks and defenses.
During the adventure, you will collect a lot of loot, run dungeons, complete missions, make better equipment and upgrades. Customize your character construction to increase your favorite game style and find the OP. The wheel of fortune is the best classic RPG! 

To overcome suffering, you need to open up areas that have been closed for a long time, and these areas can only be accessed through changes in reality. To overcome difficulties as soon as possible and reduce the difficulty of the game, Buy Steam Level is very friendly for players. As an avatar, there is the power to spin the wheel of fortune and change reality and the earth around you. The changes are random and may affect everything: missions, difficulty, NPCs, shops, maps, dialogues, Easter eggs, to your environment lighting!

There are holiday eggs hidden everywhere in the Wheel of Fortune! Players have to be very careful to get Easter eggs. To reward you for the hard work over a global scale, the workers hide plenty of references to retro games and pop culture in a variety of series of games.