Fire-type Pokemon has been very popular since the beginning, and it is the main element of the Pokemon series. Buy 6IV Shiny Ditto is undoubtedly a quick way to get a Shiny for players. Their presence and prominence in the story of Pokemon: Sword and Shield keep this popularity going. Although there are not many fire-type Pokemon in the Sword and Shield, there are several areas in the Galer area, which are very suitable for players to find them. Here are the three best areas.

Giant's feet
In a hidden area called Giant's Foot in Crown Tundra, Sizzlipede and Centiskorch appear in Clear and Sunny weather, while Magby and Magmar only appear in Sunny weather. Both evolution families are very useful, especially the final evolution of Magby and Magmortar. This Pokemon can use some of the most powerful fire moves in the game, so it is very valuable. It is very valuable to protect one of these powerful Fire-type Pokemon during the game, so players with DLC can benefit a lot from finding these Pokemon in Giant's Foot. 

Giant's Mirror
As an early part of the second part of the Wild Area, the Giant's Mirror is home to many Pokemon for players to capture. When the weather is Sunny, Pokemon such as Growlithe, Torkoal, and Heatmor will spawn. Players should remember that these Pokemon require this specific weather condition to appear. 

These Pokemon are very powerful, and they are especially useful in the game when the player encounters them in the Giant's Mirror for the first time. This is because their level is quite high, and they eventually provided resistance to Opal's Fairy-type team in the Ballonlea battle. 

Lake Of Outrage
A fairly late part of the Wild Area, this part contains many powerful Pokemon with a high level. In Sunny weather conditions, players can encounter Coalossal, Lampent, and Heatmor in both versions of the game. In addition, Sword players can find Ninetales and Turtonator, and Shield players can find Arcanine. 

In these options, the most useful one is Coalossal, which not only has one of the best-designed Gigantamax forms in the game but is also very powerful overall. In Sunny weather, players can also encounter Flareon and Chandelure as special world encounters. These Pokemon are very useful, especially when the player captures them before heading to Route 10, which is full of Ice-type Pokemon. 

Players who are interested in the above three best areas can explore. For those casual players who don't have much time, I suggest you buy Shiny Pokemon instead of spending a lot of time capturing. You can buy the Shiny Pokemon you want at PKMBuy for the least amount of money.