While there are some players on p2w The majority of whales in the Aion don't know how to spend money. They are just spending too much and do not get any benefit. Aion is quite distinct in the sense that aion classic kinah you can't automate winning just by spending lots of money. It is important to budget your money wisely.

Disagree. You need to be able to grind if you want to face experienced players. If you're looking to experience the progress and enjoy playing with other players of the same level, the current NA traditional pve is great.

I am a veteran player of the first Aion and would like to meet new players. I'm a big fan of the rifting mechanism and find pvp here far more pleasurable than Warmode. This game may be slightly grindy, however, it's drastically improved from the time it was first released. Don't let this put you off. A great deal of fun pvp happens before you hit 50! I'm a slow leveler but while the competition to best gear and skills is very important, I'm enjoying the ride throughout the journey. Give it a go for a month. 15 dollars per month seems to be an affordable price. It is also possible to spend money playing the game, however these are not 'if this isn't possible so don't bother'.

It's all dependent on how well you feel comfortable grinding. I'm assuming that by playing WoW classic, you'll be fine with it. Classic was one of my top aion game of 2009. Consider it less like a game you purchase and more as a MMO that you pay the option of a monthly subscription. Don't buy the daeva pass.

Siel is really populated and I've heard of leveling being awful from the players who are ganking. I'm on the other server and its not bad to get level. You can contact me via PM if you have any queries, I'll be happy to answer.

I decided to quit the classic last month. Not because of the grindy nature but because of the number of bots that play the game. It's difficult to play the game because there are so many bots all around you. Goldsellers can be so irritating and NC Soft won't take a shite about it..

You decide. If I was cheating you'd think that I wouldn't be doing my thing as a level 22 Cleric increasing my gathering skills and buffing others while doing the Manduri quests, etc. You shouldn't be buy aion classic kinah eu blamed for not believing me. I probably wouldn't either lol. What I'm telling you is 100% truthful. Shugo Console is not even an item I'm using!