The record-breaking low for Madden 22 coins rushing yards (979) and touchdowns (8), exacerbated by an all-time high for fumbles (6). Perhaps 2020 could be a motivation for the Dallas Cowboys' star running back?

Elliott hasn't been able to forget the (relatively) horrible statistics and continue to work harder in 2021. Wednesday saw Elliott receive another blow to the face , this time with the Madden 22 player ratings.

Madden 22 ranked Elliott 9th among the league's top backs. He's tied with Cincinnati Bengals' Joe Mixon with a rating of 88, well behind the top three backs in the league: Christian McCaffery (97), Derrick Henry (96) and Nick Chubb (96). He isn't even the highest-rated back in the NFC East, falling behind the New York Giants' Saquon Barkley (7th with a 90).

The Elliott 88 rating is second in Elliott's professional career after the Madden 17 rating of 84. This was given prior to his first season of the year. The two-time rushing champion has earned 92 (90, 90), 94 and 92. He was 4th overall and 2nd by Madden 20, as of 2019, after Todd Gurley, the Los Angeles Rams' quarterback.

Elliott has the ability that will help him make 2021 a better year. The team's mishaps are obscuring his name the contract he was in for and his fumbling last season We forget how great Zeke was (is? ). The 8,341 yards he ran before his 26th birthday are the third-most yards in NFL history, trailing just two decent runners: Emmitt Smith and buy Madden nfl 22 coins Walter Payton.