Since Naxxramas was cleared for the first time in World of Warcraft Classic, players have been talking about clearing it again. Many players prefer the original experience of "World of Warcraft" to any other expansion pack, so some players don't care about TBC Classic becoming a reality. Instead, they want a hard reset, another new start, an opportunity to redo everything they did in Classic.

Although some people might say that these players can do this on servers that are currently dedicated to always maintaining the original content, a large part of the classic experience is through each individual, from Molten Core to Blackwing Lair. Raid version. Blizzard has clearly heard these whispers and is taking action.

In a post today announcing the release of the second phase of TBC Classic content, Blizzard suggested that only two years after the launch of Classic, there may be some new content for players who want to get a new Classic experience. Players who want Cheap TBC Classic Buy Gold can get it on MMOSO.

Blizzard is also doing something for those World of Warcraft classic players who tell them they want a chance to start again and will share more plans soon. Blizzard did not confirm any content in its post, but the news was released more than a week after developers added the "Classic Era Public Test Domain" to without any announcement.

Although the server itself did not last long, it caused widespread speculation in the community. According to Blizzard’s post today, it seems that some form of fresh World of Warcraft classic content will appear in the future. There is no timetable for when it will happen, but according to Blizzard's own words, this seems to be a given.

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