There are various skill trees in New World, and the advantages and disadvantages of each skill tree and how to use them are different. Today, we will introduce you to the role of Berserker Tree's skills for Hatchet.

In Hatchet, Berserker Tree is its preferred tree. Although throwing can provide some additional uses for Hatchet, the strength in Amazon New World Coins most PvE and PvP is still provided by this tree. Berserker Tree has three skills: Berserk, Feral Rush and Raging Torrent,

Berserk can provide players with a large number of buffs in PvP and PvE, which is a very powerful skill. Feral Rush can provide players with New World Coins a short sprint and two follow-up attacks after the end. Raging Torrent can execute a series of four attacks at twice the speed of a light attack chain, so it can cause considerable burst damage.

The power provided between Berserk and the ultimate passivity it obtains to prevent death is why it is the main tree of Hatchet. This power is priceless in PvP, and it is also a powerful skill in PvE.

Defy Death is the ultimate skill of Berserker Tree. It can offset a fatal blow for the player and keep your health at 50 points. Then make the player immune to damage for 3 seconds, but the cooling time of this effect is 75 seconds.

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