numerical control machine rail is the rolling friction between the guide rail, through the ball or roller to achieve, medium precision machine tools are generally used line rail. The machine adopts high rigidity cast iron and resin sand technology. The whole structure of bed foot and bed body has the characteristics of smooth chip discharge, compact structure and beautiful shape.

CNC machine tools have been more and more applied to modern manufacturing industry, and give play to the advantages of ordinary machine tools, but there are problems, will cause a lot of unnecessary losses to manufacturers. A survey shows that the failure rate of the machine tool caused by the imperfect maintenance process is very high, so the formation of good maintenance habits is an important prerequisite for the long life of the machine tool and stable operation.

numerical control machine detailed maintenance methods are as follows:

First of all, it is very important to do a good job of daily maintenance, wipe the dust on the exposed guide rail surface and sliding surface of the machine tool before work every day, lubrze various parts in accordance with the regulations and ensure that the oil quantity meets the requirements, then check the position of the handle and carry out empty test run, and then formally carry out daily work after completing the above contents.

After the completion of the daily work, all the iron scraps turned on the day should be cleaned up, and the exposed parts of the machine should be wiped with clean cotton yarn, and all the parts should be returned to their original positions.

Of course, in addition to the necessary daily maintenance, the lathe also needs to carry out a level of maintenance every three months, mainly in cooperation with the operator and maintenance workers.

Regularly check various parts of the numerical control machine, including mechanical parts such as the main transmission chain, tool store, tool changing manipulator, etc. Lubrication system includes various lubrication, hydraulic, air pressure systems, etc. Check whether each part of the numerical control machine tool has screws loose, whether there is abnormal noise during work, and if there is an anomaly, it should be repaired immediately.

machine tool maintenance is a difficult and important task, the need for long-term persistence, to maintain the numerical control machine into a clear process, strict supervision of the work project, so as to save maintenance costs, to ensure the service life of the machine tool, in the long run for the development of manufacturing enterprises has an important positive role.

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