rail hex bolt is a kind of pressure plate used in train tracks. The key material is cast steel. In fact, there are different materials to choose from for cast steel. rail hex bolt has a certain connection effect on the train track. When the train is running on the rail, it will cause a great impact. If there are no parts to fix the rail, the rail will be damaged, resulting in deformation or derailment of the train. Let's take a look at the materials used in rail hex bolt.

Forged carbon steel. Steel casting with carbon as the key element of aluminum alloy with a small amount of other elements. Carbon content is less than 0.2% for forging high carbon steel, carbon content of 0.2% ~ 0.5% for forging low carbon steel, carbon content of more than 0.5% for forging medium carbon steel. With the increase of carbon content, the compressive strength of forged carbon steel expands and the strength increases. Forged carbon steel has high compressive strength, plastic deformation and ductility, and low cost, which is used to produce parts bearing large loads in heavy machinery equipment, such as rolling machine sound card frame, hydraulic press base, etc. It is used in the production of high-bearing and impact bearing parts such as bolsters, side frames, wheels and couplings on rolling stock.

Forged high alloy steel. Steel casting with manganese, chromium, copper and other aluminum alloy elements. The total production of aluminum alloy is generally less than 5%, has great fracture toughness, and can get stronger physical properties according to the heat treatment process. Forged high alloy steel has better performance indicators than carbon steel, which can reduce the quality of parts and improve the service life.

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