The blade of the lawn mower is an indispensable part, and there are five common blades, respectively, the grass head, the two-tooth blade (straight blade, one-word blade), the three-tooth blade, the multi-tooth blade (disc blade), and the alloy blade. The material, use and shape of these five blades are different, and the following is a detailed introduction for your reference.

1. Hit the grass head

High-speed rotation of rope is used to cut grass, the disadvantage is that the durability of the rope is poor. It can also be used to cut grass, such as grass or lawn.

2, double-toothed blade

This blade is often used to trim overgrown grass and barren grass, but should not be used to trim shrubs.

3, three teeth blade

The blades of this mower are generally used to sort out barren grass, semi-woody grass, and can also be used to cut shrubs less than 1 cm in length.

4, multi-tooth blade

Generally used to cut summer hay, money grass, alfalfa, beans, rice, barley, hemp, corn, highland barley and other crops.

5, alloy blade

This Grass Mower is more suitable for cutting shrubs, mulberry branches, tea branches less than 6 cm in diameter.

There are many types of lawn mower blades, each of which has different uses, the advantages are not the same, and the corresponding use environment is not the same, only choose the right blade, you can get twice the result with half the effort.

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