As a guangzhou truss stage equipment factory, let us introduce the basic features of Aluminum Stage Truss.

Aluminum Stage Truss is made of aluminum alloy. The aluminum alloy material is light, strong and rust-free. The Aluminum Stage Truss is assembled and retractable. It is quick to assemble and can be adjusted within a certain range. The height of the stage is very wide, and the general purpose of the stage panel is a multi-layer plywood with a red carpet.

1. The aluminum alloy stage and the aluminum alloy glass stage are flexible and fast-loading stages, which are easy to disassemble, light and easy to store. More durable and affordable.

2. It is made of high-grade sandwich board with high strength, pressure resistance, non-slip, waterproof and sun protection.

3. Excellent anti-slip performance: the surface layer is arranged in a certain colloidal granular shape to achieve rain-proof skid.

4. Safe and stable, solemn and elegant, naturally resisting all kinds of harsh environments.

5. Adapt to a variety of fashion shows, celebrations, product launches, studios, and various dances inside and outside the home. It is currently the most popular and most popular stage truss aluminum.

6. Fashion show stage truss can be equipped with some chasing lights, moving head lights, lanterns, LED lights under the stage or on the side, controlled by the dimming station, the color changes freely, colorful.