Recently, Pokemon Sword and Shield have been severely criticized online for various reasons again. Here are some of the most prominent issues that fans have noticed. 

Lack of independence
Another major complaint against Gen VIII games is that they lack independent gameplay. For how to buy Cheap Shiny Pokemon, PKMbuy will give you a quick answer. For example, there are many conversation moments where the player will see two or more response options that represent the same thing. This is not unheard of in Pokemon games, but the frequency of their appearance in Sword and Shield is shocking.
This detail alone is only a slight excitement, but this basic trend of refusing to allow players to make meaningful decisions continues to almost every part of the game.  Sometimes the game does not feel like a grand adventure, but more like a movie that the player must pass. 

An uninspired area
One reason the game continues to guide players through the area may be that it hides the fact that Galar itself hardly does anything outside of the direct plot. The route sometimes seems to be nothing more than a corridor from one town to another, with little space for exploration, and it feels like the game is trying to pull the player from one plot point to another. 

Trying to return along the route early in the game will make players realize that the front camera prevents them from backtracking because it is almost impossible to see where you are going. Not only is there a lack of design, but the area is also lacking originality. For areas like Galar Mine and Galar Mine No. 2, it’s hard to believe that some of these locations were created only to serve as typical placeholders in the story. 

Removed features
Perhaps the biggest complaint is that Pokemon Sword and Shield has deleted many features in addition to the lack of new features. This includes the first in the series: nearly half of the Pokemon from previous generations were removed at launch. Many of these cuts, especially the cuts on the Pokédex, are to improve the quality of the game but this only makes the quality of the sword and shield more frustrating. 

Looking back at previous generations of products and their ability to include new features on systems with little processing power, it is easy to understand why so many fans are disappointed with Sword and Shield. Sometimes players will buy Shiny Pokemon For Sale to play the game to find new fun. These are just a few of the game issues that players have noticed, but they are the most prominent problems, all of this has become worse because of the sacrifices the game made in the name of quality.