It looks like World of Warcraft Classic will get a new server. Players really hope this is the case, and Blizzard also has this intention. This also confirms when the next stage of the Burning Crusade classic will be released.

Burning Crusade Classic will usher in two new raids, Serpentshrine Cavern and Tempest Keep, and a new arena season. These will start on September 15th, and players will have to wait another two weeks. But unfortunately, when it comes to WoW Classic's new server, Blizzard did not provide many details. Apart from teasing, the concept is still in progress.

Blizzard wrote in its World of Warcraft development update: "We are also doing something for players who tell us they want a chance to start again and will share more about our plans soon," Blizzard also outlined Significant changes are about to take place in Shadowlands.

After the recent arrival of the World of Warcraft classic public test area, speculation about the new server of the World of Warcraft Classic has been rampant, and players will use brand-new characters from the beginning. Many questions about what the new server might look like still remain, such as what was initially available and whether Blizzard is willing to make other changes that did not exist when the World of Warcraft retro server launched in 2019.

Blizzard initially hoped to make as few changes as possible to the classic version of World of Warcraft to mimic the original 2006 version of the game. But over time, Blizzard proved more willing to make changes based on player feedback, such as adding a new item to help solve the game’s world gain "meta" problem, extending the duration of time-limited natural disaster invasion events, and so on.

Blizzard’s series of actions are also intended to cover the negative news some time ago, which may have a little effect, but I personally care more about the update of the game content. I am more concerned about whether I am fighting faster than other players in the game and whether I am stronger than others. Players who want Cheap Classic TBC Gold can get it on MMOSO.

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