Hand painted wallpaper is an exquisite decorative material. Its unique feature is that each piece of wallpaper is hand-painted by the artist, so it requires special care and cleaning. In daily life, the cleaning of hand painted wallpaper is crucial, but due to its special nature, special care is required when cleaning. Below we will introduce some cleaning tips for hand painted wallpaper, I hope it will be helpful to you.

Hand painted wallpaper

First of all, before cleaning hand painted wallpaper, you need to understand the material and characteristics of the wallpaper. Hand painted wallpaper usually uses high-grade paper or fabric as the base material, and is then hand-painted on top. Therefore, you need to avoid using cleaning tools that are too wet when cleaning to avoid damaging the material of the wallpaper. In addition, the pigments of hand painted wallpaper also require special attention to avoid using cleaning agents containing acidic or alkaline ingredients to avoid corrosion of the pigments.

Secondly, for minor stains, you can use a soft brush or clean sponge to wipe gently. Before wiping, you can use a hair dryer to blow away the dust from the stain, and then clean it. This prevents dirt and stains from mixing, making it harder to clean.

For more stubborn stains, you can use some specialized wallpaper cleaners. Before using a cleaner, it is recommended to test it in an inconspicuous location to ensure that the cleaner will not cause damage to the wallpaper. After using the cleaner, be sure to wipe it clean with clean water to avoid residual chemical substances from affecting the wallpaper.

In addition, for hand painted wallpaper on fabric substrates, consider using a vacuum cleaner for cleaning. When using a vacuum cleaner, it is recommended to use a lower suction power and a vacuum cleaner head suitable for wallpaper cleaning to avoid damaging the wallpaper surface.

In daily life, you can also use some tips to keep hand painted wallpaper clean. For example, placing an air purifier in the room and regularly replacing the air purifier filter can reduce dust and pollutants in the air, thereby reducing the frequency of wallpaper cleaning.

In addition, regular maintenance of hand painted wallpaper is also very important. In the dry season, the indoor humidity can be appropriately increased to prevent the wallpaper from drying out. In the humid season, timely ventilation is required to keep the room dry to prevent the wallpaper from becoming moldy.

Finally, when cleaning hand painted wallpaper, be sure to be gentle and meticulous. Avoid wiping or brushing hard to avoid damaging the surface of the wallpaper. In addition, after cleaning, dry the wallpaper surface with a clean soft cloth to ensure that the wallpaper surface is completely dry.

In general, cleaning hand painted wallpaper requires care and patience, and avoid using too harsh cleaning methods and chemical cleaners. Regular cleaning and maintenance can extend the service life of hand painted wallpaper and maintain its artistic beauty. I hope the above tips will be helpful to you, so that your hand painted wallpaper will always look shiny.