Runerigus With its unique, unforgettable design and defensive statistics become a Pokemon that every Sword and Shield trainer pays attention to. How to Buy Pokemon is also very important. Although evolving Galarian Yamask into Runerigus in Pokemon Sword and Shield is challenging, but the price you pay is worth it. Here are the detailed steps to evolve Galarian Yamask, I hope to help you. 
When evolving your Galarian Yamask, the first thing you need to do is make it suffer 49 or more damage in battle and survive. Depending on what level your Yamask is in, this may be easy. However, at low levels, reaching the perfect position between sufficient damage and fainting can be a challenge. If necessary, it can learn patience by using technical records, otherwise, it will leave 1 HP when it is hit by an action that will cause it to faint. You can also equip a Focus Sash, which can do the same thing. However, this is not recommended because it is a rare item that is consumed when in use. 

When your Galarian Yamask has suffered 49 or more damage, you must take it to a specific area of the Wild Area. Looking on the map, you will notice the part called Dusty Bowl in the northern half of the Wild Area south of Hammerlocke. In this area, there is a long stone archway composed of two large and short boulders with a feldspar on top. Weaken Yamask in your team, go through this archway, and evolution should begin. 
Once your Galarian Yamask has evolved into Runerigus, it is best used to delay opponents through attribute increase, guard moves, and damage. The Wandering Spirit can be used to throw a wrench in a setting that relies on Pokemon's abilities, or you can use moves like Destiny Bond to knock down any Pokemon to finishing the final blow to Runerigus. Although this Pokemon and its evolutionary method are not straightforward, Runerigus can be a versatile addition to any team of trainers. 

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